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Fall 2020 Home Design Trends

We believe that your home is much more than a house — it’s your place in the world. That’s why it should look and feel exactly the way you want it to, from the flooring and paint to the lighting and fixtures. When you choose to build a Hubbell Home with us, our Design Studio manager, Stacey McDonald, will work closely with you to choose selections that reflect your personal style and create that special place you’ve been looking for.


An expert on all things design, Stacey is your trusted go-to for personalized selections as well as general home design inspiration. We sat down with her to discuss a few of her favorite design trends she’s seeing this year as well as how she enjoys decorating her own home… take a look and get inspired by her unique vision!


What’s the most popular home trend you've seen this year?


Color Blocking (Kitchen Cabinetry): Mixing white-painted upper cabinets with a painted island and/or base cabinets and island.


White Walls: Filling a room with light and then letting your items do the talking and be the star of attention with their colors and texture.


Natural Elements: Light wood looks and being able to see the grain in your flooring. Woven textures in baskets, rattan, etc. as well as dark metal mixing.


LVP Flooring (Luxury Vinyl Planks): Still very popular for their “easy-to-live-on” characteristics and ability to flow into the “could-be-wet” areas of your home (bathrooms, laundry, etc.)


Warm Colors: Alongside cooler colors, warm colors are coming back into play — think blues and greens mixed with warm caramel colors.


What’s your favorite trendy color for fall?


Anything with pumpkin orange! I love some of the darker pumpkin oranges and caramel colors mixed with the newer darker greens coming through.


Are there any new additions to your Design Studio (features, colors, options, etc.) we should know about?


We have new clean-line plumbing options in chrome, brushed nickel, and matte black. We’ve got this beautiful new gold-colored kitchen faucet on display from Kohler (Crue). We also have tons of awesome LVP flooring options and sculpted wall tiles. In terms of cabinetry, we have 12 paint and 12 stain options starting at the same price as our Base Level home options. We’re seeing soft taupe colors and blues and greens starting to trend!


What’s your favorite trend?


I really do have an appreciation of so many different styles. What is so fun about being a designer is that I get to play in them all and live vicariously through my clients. Personally, I enjoy the visual energy that comes from a lot of colors, which is why my home is currently decorated mid-mod style with energetic colors, medium and light wood tones, and framed around white walls.


I’m getting inspired by the dark green colors coming out and pairing those with blacks and natural colors. I’m designing a home yoga space and might start bringing some of that smooth dark green into my world for some relaxation.


If you’re ready to design and decorate a home that feels just like you, all of us at Hubbell Homes can’t wait to get started! For more information about our new homes in Central Iowa, as well as our Design Studio process, please contact us at 515-468-2549.