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Top Reasons to Live in Des Moines

What It’s Like Living in Des Moines, Iowa

When you’re looking for that perfect place to plant your roots, there are so many factors to consider, from recreation and culture to overall friendliness. At Hubbell Homes, we believe that a personalized, energy-efficient home isn’t enough when it comes to your future — you deserve a hometown that checks off all the boxes on your list too.

How do vibrant streets, affordability, and the friendliest people around sound? Say hello to beautiful Des Moines, a one-of-a-kind town where our Gray’s Station, Edison, and The Banks communities call home! When you add a spacious, comfortable home that’s built for your lifestyle into the mix, you can be sure that your best days are just ahead. We can’t wait for you to experience the magic of Des Moines for yourself, so take a look at our top 6 reasons you’ll love living here:

6 Benefits of Living in Des Moines

1. We enjoy affordability. Those of us who live here know that a low cost of living leads to a happier and less stressful lifestyle, no matter how you choose to live. If you’re looking for a beautiful new home in a neighborhood that caters to all of your needs (while helping you stay within your budget), Des Moines always has your back.

2. We treat everyone like family. Kindness is in our DNA — whether you’re dining out with family or simply walking through the streets. We especially want everyone to feel like family, because that’s exactly how a neighborhood and a community should be. To us, there’s always enough time to sit down for a genuine conversation and a few laughs.

3. We have employment opportunities. When you’re thinking of building your future somewhere, it’s important to be surrounded by a variety of high-quality employment options. With companies like Principal, Nationwide, Wells Fargo, and Athene in downtown Des Moines, you have an incredible array of jobs to consider.

4. We love local spots. To us, a cozy, local coffee shop beats a big chain any day of the week. When you walk through town, you’ll find unique eateries, shops, breweries — all with their own personality. A small town with a big heart, Des Moines is the kind of place where your favorite local spots become a beloved part of your daily routine.

5. We’re big on natural beauty. You don’t necessarily think of lakes and open green space when you picture a city, but Des Moines truly has it all. With Gray’s Lake and Saylorville Lake nearby, you can fulfill all of your hiking, camping, fishing, and lounging needs whenever you want. Enjoy a picnic with friends or a quiet afternoon getaway to yourself to unwind and find a fresh perspective.

6. We value farmers’ markets. In a state known for its agriculture, Des Moines prioritizes locally grown food (and supporting those who grow them, of course). The renowned Downtown Farmers’ Market is now home to 300 unique vendors from May through October, as well as 100 vendors at the Winter Market in November and December. Stop by for fresh food, produce, artisanal items, flowers, wine… and just about everything you love to take home!

Des Moines Home Builders

At Hubbell Homes, we believe that our new homes reflect the towns that they’re built in, which is why we chose to build in none other than beautiful Des Moines. This is a place that truly defines home in every single sense — from an easy-going way of life to neighbors that become family. Take a look at our new homes for sale in Gray’s Station, Edison, and The Banks, and contact us for more information.