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Living is Easy in Townhomes and Villas

If you’re searching for an easy, low-maintenance new home in the Des Moines area, you may want to add townhomes and villas to your wish list. Each of these home styles offers its own unique characteristics that makes it easy to live in, easy to take care of, and easy to love! Let’s look at a few of the benefits of townhomes and villas so that you can decide what’s best for you and your easy new lifestyle!



Townhomes are multi-level homes that are "attached" to another home, meaning they share at least one wall. While you are very close to your neighbors, townhomes today are built with methods and materials that keep noise to a minimum and ensure privacy. Here are the pros of townhome living:

Less Home Maintenance

While townhome owners are responsible for the exterior and interior maintenance of their home, the homeowners association typically takes care of any front landscaping. In a Hubbell Homes townhome community, for example, lawns and flower beds are manicured, trees are trimmed, and snow is plowed by the HOA. Because of the shared walls, there's less exterior structure to maintain. That means fewer weekends cleaning gutters and pressure washing windows and more time having fun!

Close to Downtown

If you love being close to the exciting restaurants, retail stores, and businesses that only a downtown location offers, townhome living might be right for you. In already-developed city neighborhoods where space is at a premium, townhome construction allows larger homes to be built on smaller lots. In communities like The Banks and Gray's Station, townhome residents live in walkable neighborhoods with easy access to downtown Des Moines conveniences and amenities. Commuting is also a breeze!


More Interior Square Footage

An upside to townhome living is that you don’t have to compromise space, since there’s no limit to vertical construction! All the spaces you'd expect in a new home - including garages, living and dining spaces, and bedrooms - are spacious and accessible via a central staircase. This layout is ideal for people who like some personal space and privacy within the home. Many of Hubbell Homes’ townhome plans are three levels, with kitchen and living spaces on a lower level, and bedrooms and bonus rooms above.



A villa-style home is another smart option for homeowners searching for a more carefree, low-maintenance quality of life. Villas offer an entirely different layout and feeling, but like Hubbell Homes townhomes, your exterior landscaping is taken care of. You’ll never have to worry about your grass, flowerbeds, or trees - and you’ll never have to shovel snow again! Here’s more about villa living:

More Space

With a villa, there are no shared walls between homes, so homeowners can enjoy a bit more space between themselves and the neighbors. Villas also are built on larger lots and often have more green space in both the front and back yards than townhomes - perfect for entertaining or creating your ideal outdoor retreat.

Single-Level Living

Villas are one-story homes that offer spacious interior layouts and easy access to every room. There are no stairs to worry about, so getting in, out, and around the home is a breeze. A villa is a great option for those with mobility concerns now or in the future.

Private Outdoor Space

Villas in the traditional sense always have outdoor terraces, gardens, and other ways to enjoy their surroundings. Hubbell Homes' villas all offer a sunroom and optional patio or deck. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh breeze in comfort and privacy!

More Green Space

Villa communities are often located in suburban or rural areas with expansive green space and parks. Hubbell Homes’ neighborhoods offer amenities like recreational trails, acres of prairies, golf courses, clubhouses with pools, and more. All that you need to enjoy a relaxing weekend is right at your doorstep.


No matter which type of home you choose, both villas and townhomes provide a level of ease and comfort in your day-to-day life. To experience how a new Hubbell home can make your life a breeze, contact us at 515-468-2549 or schedule a personal tour today.