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5 Favorite Football Foods

It’s football season again, and that means everything that comes with football season is here, too: tailgating, jerseys, comebacks, upsets, and comfort food galore. Whether you host gameday parties for the football or for the food, Hubbell Homes has five of our favorite football foods (and recipes) to have with the big game. These recipes are easy enough for even the most reluctant chef to succeed.


What would a gameday party be without chips and dip? This guac is sure to get the party started and with four easy, delicious ingredients, it can be made in a hurry when you inevitably run out.

Combine this with your favorite chips, toast, or vegetables for the health nut. Just be careful, it’s hard to stop eating it once you start.


Your childhood pigs in a blanket have a delicious big brother, these cheesy pizza hot dogs. The best part is they are just as easy to make as the pigs in a blanket that you made when you were in elementary school.

These tasty hors d’eouvres are sure to be a hit and will bring out the childhood memories in all your guests. This treat in particular has a way of sneaking onto the menu on other days of the week…


Finger food is king during weekend football, but that limits your options so much! Fear not, these mac and cheese bites with chicken bring your pasta favorite off the plate and into your hand.

They are the perfect size to eat one, but it is so easy to eat all of them. So, grab a mini muffin tin and some elbow noodles and get to work.


Alright, this recipe requires a little more work, but it is so worth it. Pair these delicious pretzel bites with some cheese dip or just eat them salted, they are so good.

This recipe is great for the baker inside of all of us, and perfect for the football fan on Sunday afternoon. If you want to impress your friends, grab an apron and get to work!


We couldn’t help ourselves; it doesn’t feel like gameday if there isn’t a football shaped cake. This chocolate cake recipe with a tip to get the perfect football shape is a cute way to get the season started.

This cake makes the perfect victory dessert, and the perfect pick-me-up after a tough loss. It is the perfect food to capture the spirit of gameday, and it takes great photos.

All this food is sure to make your gameday great, and if you are looking for a home to host the game in, Hubbell Homes has so many available homes and different communities to look at.