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Staging Your Current Home to Sell

There is no better time than now to start making your dreams come true and planning your move to a brand new home in Des Moines. Once you’ve decided where you want to live, all that’s left to do is sell your current home. This is where staging comes in! 

Effective staging isn’t just for show. In fact, staging your home the right way will ensure that you sell it as quickly as possible and maximize its sales price. Take look at a few of the most effective staging tips from Bailey from the Hubbell Homes Staging Team:

Declutter: First and foremost, it’s crucial to go through every room in the home to clean up the “clutter zones,” or areas filled with old keepsakes, decor, and things to throw away. Either pack or discard everything to make the space feel open and inviting. Don’t forget to clean and organize your closets and cabinets — home shoppers will definitely peek inside!

Depersonalize: Buyers want to look at your old home and envision making it their own, so make sure to “depersonalize” by removing family photos, heirlooms, or any personal collections. You want to create a blank canvas that buyers can imagine personalizing to their own tastes.

Neurtalize Colors: Painting colored walls with trendy neutral grays or off-whites will go a long way toward making your home look like an open canvas that’s ready to be personalized. Too many different colors and patterns can be distracting and change buyers' perception of your space. 

Maximize Natural Light: Keep blinds and curtains open and remove heavy window treatments if necessary to let in the most natual light. This will minimize shadows and is the easiest way to make a room feel more open and airy. Place mirrors in dark corners and entryways to reflect natural light and help create a wide open feel.

Decide on Furniture: When it comes to the furniture in your home, it’s essential to make a final decision on what should stay and what should go. Always make sure to keep color, style, and function in mind to make the most confident and informed choice, and really see your home through a buyer’s eyes. Arrange each room with purpose — even if it’s a small vignette of a reading chair and lamp — to reinforce that all areas of your home are functional and useful.

Make Quick Fixes: The next thing to do is look for the “quick fixes” — removing old area rugs to show off the hardwood floors, cleaning windows, changing lampshades, replacing light bulbs for optimal lighting, rearranging furniture, etc. Remember, even little adjustments make a big impact.

Feel Fresh: The majority of potential buyers see your home in photos online before they see it in person, so everything you do in your home should be about that crucial first impression. Think about touch-ups that evoke a fresh and clean feeling like bright flowers, potted plants, folded towels in the bathroom, and bowls of fresh fruit in the kitchen.

When you understand where the eye goes first, as well as what’s pleasant and positive and what needs a change, you can make the best adjustments to not only impress buyers, but win them over.